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Pricing and Reimbursement (P&R) - Pharmaceutical Market Access

We believe in delivering innovative and actionable pricing and reimbursement solutions to our clients with both energy and passion.

How we can help you develop actionable pricing and reimbursement strategies?

Our global P&R team consists of multi-disciplinary expert consultants and analysts that have conducted pricing and reimbursement analysis across a range of therapy areas. We can bring into a project with you both decades of experience, as well as our understanding of multiple analogues in most disease areas.

Our core strength is delivering high-quality qualitative research at all stages of product development. We routinely conduct P&R research in the US and Europe, as well as both developed and emerging markets all over the globe (Link to network map). We base our recommendations on in-depth research of secondary materials, analysis of relevant analogues, as well as qualitative and semi-quantitative primary research and price modelling.

We underpin our primary research with a personally managed network of payers, payer advisers, HTA reviewers, health-policy-makers and price sensitive customers across 40 markets worldwide.

pricing and reimbursement - pharmaceutical market access

Our core pricing and reimbursement competencies include: